ShellssmallerThe philosophy of Huna represents a unique expression of indigenous wisdom that has emerged from secret teachings of the ancient Polynesian people of Hawaii and the South Seas islands. All these island cultures are linked by a common root language, kindred spiritual practices, similar traditional stories and a shared approach to everyday relating, commerce, health and community. In its broadest scope, the Huna path represents a remarkable approach to life, grounded in insights linked to the deepest origins of humankind, yet directly applicable to contemporary society.

When we look closely at the two short Polynesian words that make up the term huna, we can gain insight into the deeper nature of its wisdom and meaning. In this ancient language, hu refers to “masculine” elements or energies, while na refers to the “feminine.” Depending on the context, hu also implies action, movement, chaos, change or power, while na describes the qualities of order, calm, peace and endurance. Thus, the word huna is a verbal expression of the primary creative act of merging complementary energy polarities into one living whole. This same idea is communicated in the Chinese culture, for example, with the concept of yin and yang.

The underlying nature of hu-na is the practice of bringing our diverse aspects into a greater harmony and balance so that we become spiritually whole beings, capable of supremely compassionate relating and potent material manifestation. At high levels of awakening, wisdom and empowerment emerge through the direct encounter of our human consciousness with the primal workings of the universe as an infinite whole. As we expand our awareness of life to recognize the union of our inner and outer experience, we naturally become more and more attuned to the underlying principles of life – the hu-na “secrets.” Instead of feeling we’re at the mercy of chance or fortune, we begin to employ our conscious powers actively and purposefully to influence the outside world for our increased well-being and enjoyment.

The beauty of living within the precepts of the Huna path is that we learn to integrate our everyday experiences, our romantic, professional, financial and family lives, with the deeper spiritual and universal truths of human consciousness. We discover for ourselves what kahunas of Polynesia have known for millennia: With each decision and action we take, we’re performing a vital dance of engagement with the ultimate powers of the universe.

This excerpt was taken from The Power of Aloha written by Kala H. Kos with John Selby. Though this book is not in print yet in North America, if you are interested in purchasing it in the near future, please contact me.

This book was translated into German and sold in Austria, Switzerland and Germany as Die Huna-Lehre published by Goldmann. It is also available in Poland as Moc Aloha i Wiedza Huny.

Copyright 199, Kala H. Kos, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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