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I’m so happy you’ve decided to learn more about your magnetic frequency and how it affects your efforts to create the life you want! Here you will find the energetic tools that will magnetize you for Love and Peace, plus the mindset shift necessary for Prosperity, through renowned entrepreneur T. Harv Eker’s interview with me below.

Module 1 – Attracting Love

May this Meditation Video Bring Blessings Into Your Life!

This animated video meditation will help raise your personal magnetic vibration and guide you in exactly how to bring romance into your life – or to deepen the love you already experience. The magnetizing exercise builds up your inner charge of vital energy while repeating specific statements so that you’re more highly empowered to accomplish your intent. Then you focus on your heart as you accept your new love into your life or increase the harmony between yourself and whoever you choose.

Here is Your Video for

“Attracting Your Ideal Mate.”

Module 2 – Attracting Peace

Those who practice the audio exercise below regularly will enjoy the benefits of more peace of mind, as well as access to inner guidance and creative inspiration. All of this increases your personal magnetism!

I have combined into one audio the Stillpoint Exercise and the Stillpoint Meditation from my book (click to purchase) The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success.

To begin, set aside an undisturbed period of time for this process.

By following the Stillpoint Exercise before the meditation, you will be brought to your calm center and be able to remain in a meditative state more easily. From this exercise you will transition into the simple meditation technique. With this method, the shifting of your focus will lead your mind out of its normal thinking process and into the silent gap between thoughts.

The Stillpoint Process

Download MP3 file to your Computer:

Stillpoint.mp3 (6656 kb)

To understand the power and importance of a regular meditation practice please refer to the last chapter in my book.


Module 3 – Attracting Prosperity

The 4 Simple Secrets to Magnetize Yourself for Money

Enjoy these easy concepts and tools that create a paradigm shift around receiving and having money!

T. Harv Eker

Founder of Peak Potentials Training
Best-Selling author of
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Hear T. Harv Eker, internationally renowned entrepreneur and author, interviewing me about the Secrets to Magnetize Yourself for Money.

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