…Out of the Mind and into the Moment

goldmandalaThose of you who know my book, The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success, will recognize the helpful technique below, written by a woman I would describe as very beautiful in all ways – Kay Snow Davis.

I knew her on Kauai for many years before she moved to California. There is so much I could say about Kay, her talents, her abilities, her heart – for they were all so big. But I’d simply like to acknowledge that I had a profound admiration for her and held her in the highest regard. I was stunned to hear of her passing. Kay loved Kaua’i so much she requested her ashes be returned to the island.

Here is the excerpt from my book, with one of Kay’s techniques, that she so graciously allowed me to share. It has benefited me and so many of my students:

Pure potentiality, your ecstatic nature, is consciousness beyond the realm of mind. To assist you in shifting out of mind and into essence more regularly, here is a simple technique taught to me by Kay Snow-Davis, author of Point of Power, a Relationship with Your Soul.

Place the fingertips of both hands in the center of your forehead, and move them apart toward your temples several times, stroking lightly to release emotions and stress.

After you “erase” the physical and emotional tension, command that your random thoughts STOP; then focus on moving your mental energy to your heart. (You can command your mind to “Stop and drop!” – to drop this energy downward to the heart.) Take a deep breath; then continue to focus on your breathing as you experience the power and stillness of your heart energy. In this way your mind can hear and receive truth and guidance from your heart.

At those times when you find yourself lost in discontent and unease, notice your mental chatter, and use the erasing motion of your hands on your forehead as a pattern-interrupt. Remind yourself to “stop and drop.” This will help you become more aware of your own innate power, when your heart and your mind are in partnership and balance.

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