Where do you put your attention? And does it lift or lower your vibration?

Yankee bucksHere’s a revealing story and question asked by one of my students:

“This weekend I realized how important environment is, from the people that surround you, to the shows you watch. Yesterday I had a great day running around outside with my two favorite people who are my baby nephews. Later I sat in the park and wrote and worked on our assignments. I left feeling happy and so grateful for an amazing day!”

When I got home, I realized I had access to a TV series my friends have been saying is great. So I watched. While I found it to be sadistic, I’m embarrassed to admit I was immediately pulled in, wanting to watch more. After it ended, I wasn’t as happy and it felt similar to being around people with a low vibration. While I want to rush home and watch as many episodes as possible before bed, I won’t because I realize it is not in alignment with what I want and choices are important.”

“So, I want to ask you, do you censor what you watch on TV? I’m dying to watch that show again…dying! It’s like chocolate cake when you are on a diet – ha! My older and wiser friend made a good point today when I mentioned how the show brought me down a bit. He said, “You notice that, but imagine what it is doing to all these people who watch every week and don’t realize it is bringing them down.’”

My Reply:
Your vibration is more precious than GOLD. What you put your attention on lifts it or lowers it.

You need to value your vibration, honor it, witness it, raise it – and store and generate more high energy so you can enjoy an ongoing Uplifted Vibration.

When you notice something that brings it down (especially when it is something planned to hook you into dramatic emotions that suck you in over and over, wanting more, but leave you with a lower vibration) then you need to make a CONSCIOUS decision. A decision about whether it serves your growth and promotes your precious dreams coming to fruition. If it doesn’t, and you find yourself hitching a ride anyway – because it’s like needing more chocolate cake after one bite – then you can be sure that “the powers that be” are happy to have you “hooked in” and “dumbed down.”

Mark and I are both very discerning about what we watch on TV or in the theater (as well as what we read). I may record a show for later viewing and even if it’s enjoyable and I learn from it, if my thoughts are getting bound up in it at bedtime then it’s low vibration. Last night we chose to tune into part of the Merrie Monarch Hula Competition on Hawaii island. The beauty and the devotion and the energy of the dancers raised our own energy and we went to sleep uplifted!

Notice if watching something at night makes your thoughts and your sleep agitated (which is why we veto the News). The best part is (if you’re being conscious) that you get to choose what YOU want to follow and where you want to place your attention. It’s your attention and intention that creates your experience, your world: “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.” So where are you flowing your more-precious-than-gold attention these days? And by the way, when you say “I’m dying to watch that!” do you think you’re directing your body in a positive way?

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