beautiful waterfallIn childhood, we learned how to limit the amount of energy we expressed. It takes courage to break through the limits of the past and open ourselves to higher levels of positive energy, but it’s to our advantage.

Sexual energy is a potential source of incredible power. It is the energy that gives us life – our life-force. Taoist Master Mantak Chia teaches that “Sexual energy, or ching-chi in Chinese, is one of the most obvious and powerful types of bioelectric energy.” When the flow of sexual energy is strong and clear, we are at the peak of physical health and have abundant energy and strength (and vice versa). We feel happier, and our physical abilities are most efficient. Yet, in many ways–physically, emotionally, mentally–we tend to block off the flow of our sexual energy.

Since the subconscious is drawn toward pleasure and away from pain, let’s focus on some of the benefits of sex. What are they? A recent study revealed that women who are sexually satisfied have better health and age more slowly. Sex increases estrogen levels and thereby fights heart disease. It boosts immunity by lessening stress. It also eases body aches and is a good pain killer and natural sedative. People with active sex lives are less anxious, less hostile, and more playful. And…sex burns calories!

The pituitary gland produces a “love hormone” called oxytocin that is released in the body during sexual activity. Studies show that it heightens intuition, raises performance levels in aptitude and intelligence tests, and increases creativity. This hormone can even augment athletic ability and alleviate depression.

If you don’t have a sexual partner handy, don’t despair. Studies have shown that oxytocin is also released during self-pleasuring and even while simply fantasizing about sex!

Sexual energy rides on the breath. Breath, feeling, and energy are entwined. Many people restrict their breath as a quick way of stopping unpleasant feelings and excess energy. The key to awakening the ecstatic response within yourself is your awareness of your breath while cultivating a deep, consistent level of relaxation in your body so that the energy can flow unrestricted. You can then learn to raise the upper limits of the amount of inner energy you can handle.

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