In only seven weeks (once a week for 75 minutes) you will learn a step-by-step 28 Day Formula that will reveal the hidden power of your True Self. Then, in only 10 minutes a day, you will use this Advanced Formula to quickly and easily tap into that power and experience outrageous opportunities for success and prosperity.

Dare to Create Money™ Intensive

NOTE: This Intensive training takes my previous basic trainings to an entirely new level so you can quickly and easily experience extraordinary Manifestation Miracles.

In Part 1 You’ll Discover:

  • How to implement the Seven Prosperity Principles for immediate results.
  • How to replace patterns of failure with patterns of success.
  • How to direct the three aspects of your hidden Self to create riches.
  • How to shift the pain/pleasure reactions that control your life so that you control them.
  • How to focus the unlimited energy of your subconscious mind to realize your dreams.

In Part 2 You’ll Discover:

  • How to apply the 3-Point Plan to achieve your financial goal.
  • How to access the Power Point within and experience effortless manifestation.
  • How to become more magnetic and increase your power to influence.
  • How to use Symbolic Sight to undo old poverty programming.
  • How to utilize the Gold Card to define and declare exactly what you want.

In Part 3 You’ll Discover:

  • How to generate new ideas and translate them into cash.
  • How to multiply and speed your results through Partner-Visioning.
  • How to direct your subconscious toward wealth through Alpha programming.

In Part 4 You’ll Discover:

  • How to implement the 28-day Prosperity Plan and experience immediate results.
  • How to use the Money Magnet method to magnetize money to you instantly from all sources.
  • How to expand your gratitude and see your blessings increase.

“I received several hundred dollars unexpectedly in the first week after using the 28-Day Formula. In the second week I got a raise and commission incentive in my job as a vacation rental agent.

“The following week I was given my own office. Then my husband began to use the formula and he also got a raise! Later I went on to open my own rental business. I have helped many people find homes…settle in and start families. Thank you, Kala! Your course changed my life and the lives of those around me.”

Suzie Gillette

Kauai, HI

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More Success Stories

“My goal walking into your seminar, Kala, was to manifest a chunk of money to support myself while I finished a large learning curve in real estate investing. I had taken a year leave-of-absence from my government position and had six weeks left to get my financial act together or I would need to go back to my job.On day 22, I received a call from my employer asking me if I would accept a buy-out package. Since I had no desire to return to the corporate world, I accepted the offer and four days after completing the 28-Day Formula I received $26,993. Six days after completion, I received a $6,235.20 tax refund. 

Thank you Kala!”

Karen S.
Real Estate Investor
Victoria, Canada

“This is the first time I have ever experienced a formula that actually gives results. At the end of 28 days, my business increased – orders started coming in from everywhere!”

Ayoma Fonseka

Cake DesignerToronto,


“Kala, I’d like to share an amazing success I have had since your course. I made a decision go back to school in the fall to do a one-year program that would cost me $7,000.I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for it but decided to have faith and keep using the methods I learned at the weekend. While I was doing my 28-day programming, a close relative called to tell me he was giving me an “early inheritance” of $10,000. This person had no idea I was planning on returning to school. I was speechless after this phone call. Wow!!”


Nutritional Coach

Vancouver, BC

“I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I did not follow through one hundred percent in doing the 28-Day Formula. I made sure however to include a new car in the outcome I wanted to receive. Sixty-four days later my mother called to tell me she bought each of us a new car! I am extremely pleased with my new VW Jetta Wagon, leather interior and sun roof. The Universe showed me that even with an ever so slight effort, huge things can happen.”

Cindy B.

Fitness Trainer

Vancouver, BC

“Since your workshop here in Jamaica, I have been promoted to Manager – Marketing & Client Services, a move which represents a 50% increase in salary.”

Paul Bryan

Manager, Edward Gayle & Company Ltd.

Kingston, Jamaica

“Since taking Dare to Create Money, my life and my prosperity have opened up. First small amounts of money came in from everywhere: old debts, refunds, insurance. I now have the car of my dreams. It just fell into my lap and the license plate even had my birthdate on it! My passion is Hawaii and I visualized a place there. I now own an apartment on Kauai that has doubled in value in two years. Yahoo!”

Jan Gibbs

College Instructor

Vancouver, BC

“Since my last testimonial, our company has been growing steadily, and it is with great excitement that I am sharing this news with you. In 21 years, we have had our first month with over a million dollars in sales, and we still have a week to go! The huge increase in sales started just after I began doing the Dare to Create Money practices. Also, I am really enjoying working again like never before.”

Bobbie Kalman

Author and Publisher

Crabtree Publishing Company

Ontario, Canada

“Dare to Create Money” was the start of a new life for me, thank you!! My change in attitude towards money feels marvelous. I have a dear friend who is now helping me buy a bigger place so I can develop my home-based business as an Image Consultant and have a studio with the make-up and clothing women need (so I won’t have to travel so much.) Before I even completed the 28-Day programming my mom called to say she’s going to GIVE me money to buy a bigger home!!! Also, things are going very well in my business. I have several new clients since I last saw you and a shop I use frequently is now giving me a 10% commission!!”

Lilly Page

Image Consultant

Vancouver, BC

“So many wonderful events have happened since I took your seminar. For brevity, I will tell you about two:I saw a part-time job advertisement in the paper that looked interesting. I was curious about it so I took my resume and dropped it by the office. They loved my resume and I was hired with what was the easiest interview I have ever experienced.

Secondly, I needed to settle with ICBC for an accident. I wanted a $15,000 settlement, though I programmed for $12,000. I went to my ICBC meeting and their offer was $15,000.I almost fell off my chair! Life has been great since I took ‘Dare to Create Money’! Many thank you’s.”

Gail C.

Vancouver, BC

“Just wanted to share an unexpected benefit of the 28-day process. Since I got clear on exactly how the process works, my energy has shot up. I think my metabolic rate has increased because I have lost 6 pounds since Monday (today is Thursday) and I have not been concentrating on weight loss. You could almost market this as a 28-Day Process to Create Money (and Lose Weight). I feel great! I am definitely vibrating at a higher level.”

Ayobami Scott


Burnaby, BC

“Overall, this telecourse has super-charged a feeling of prosperity into my very bones and I am attracting events and people that increase my abundance…and even my relationship with my wife has deepened.”
Matti Antilla
Ultimate Freedom Coach
BC, Canada
“This has given me the encouragement to get in touch with my authentic self and to let go of everyone trying to hold me back. My husband and I have opened the floodgates of prosperity which has allowed me to quit my job to pursue other interests and to have the summer off with our children.”
Jeanne O’Brian
Health Care Worker
Vancouver, Canada
“After taking the Dare to Create Money teleclass, one of the largest gains financially for me was selling my house for $10,000 more than I thought I could get for it. I also was able to negotiate with the owners of the present house I purchased to reduce their price by $34,000.”
Mike Murphy
Hannibal, Missouri
“The Dare to Create Money workshop was just what got me to the point of being able to get the perfect job and exactly the amount of money that I programmed for during the following 30 days. Thank you Kala!”
Rikke N.
Seminar Presenter
Copenhagen, Denmark
“Since I have been doing your 28-day program, my life is just exploding with excitement. My money magnet keeps on growing. Everything I visualized is coming to pass. I am just amazed that exactly within the time frame, wealth started showing up…and continues to flood in. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Miriam Serman
Los Angeles, CA
“Kala, I wanted to let you know the results of taking the Advanced Dare To Create Money course. I’ve been promoted! In addition to managing the sales staff of a niche newspaper publication I’m also getting to do some innovative transformational work with the sales staff of the daily newspaper. What a delight!…I’ve saved the best for last about my transformation — my own income has nearly doubled! It’s been a privilege to work with you.”

Linda Lusk

Sales & Marketing Manager

“Thank you for your great programs. Since I have been following them, my life has changed. New business opportunities are opening up, I was sponsored to attend a Gathering of Shamans in New York State, I received an inheritance, and am booking 3-day life turn-around intensives into my home that are proving to be miraculous for clients. Thank you, thank you!”
Holly Majestic
Shaman & Cranial Sacral Therapist
Calgary, Alberta
“I wanted to write to express how thankful I am that I decided to be a part of your most recent ‘Dare to Create Money’ teleconference series. I attained my business goals after the 5th week and have maintained a 25% increase in my business since…effortlessly & efficiently. Without all the old stress I am now able to enjoy myself at the same time!! Thank you for sharing your insights with me Kala.”
Dr. Jim Murphy
Health Care Practitioner
Mexico, Missouri
“Several hours after I committed simply to taking the workshop, I received a call asking me to be Andrea Bocelli’s interpreter while he was in Vancouver. The week after the workshop, I was called by two translating agencies who hadn’t called for approximately a year — one for an interview to join their ‘stable’ and one to book me for a week-long job in September. The owner of the second agency also told me I should be charging more!”
Anneliese S.
Vancouver, Canada
“Kala, I was skeptical that I could improve my income with the Money Magnet technique (particularly as I was on a fixed income that came in pounds sterling and my Money Magnet was in dollars!) But I doubled my fixed income in two months!”
Nina Nisbet
Hawaii & Cambridge, England
“Wow! Applying Huna and Prosperity is a powerful system that works! My present goal is an extra $500 a week, easily, effortlessly and from all sources. Well, increments of $500 just keep flowing in from old debtors, pension surplus and many other sources. My second day in my new health/internet home-based business generated $500 and continues to grow. It is so much fun to bring spirituality and money together!”
Jann Gibbs
Teacher/Health Consultant
Vancouver, BC
“Through learning about Huna from you and your course, I have gained tools and expanded my consciousness in a way that gives me more insight, strength and the ability to surrender more. You see, your contributions go far beyond helping people create money – so thanks for that!”
Adele T.
Administrative Assistant
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
“Kala, several months after completing your Dare to Create Money course I experienced the most extraordinary financial blessings of my life. Some months I exceeded the income I used to generate annually! Thank you for your expert guidance, leadership and support.”
Ron Wypkema, Ph.D
Founder and President of Awareness Trainings
Coquitlam, BC
“Kala, your workshops are fantastic! And they cover so much more than financial abundance. The Power Breath, for example, gives me an inner sense of power and strength and a feeling of connecting with other people. Keep me on your mailing list!”
Roberleigh H. Claigh
Author of The Star Gazer
Kauai, Hawaii
“Since taking Kala’s seminar I have obtained the exact job I identified. I am making the exact (slightly better actually!) wage I identified. And many of the other goals I identified are well on their way to becoming reality. Kala’s money seminar is truly amazing. It is packed with useful practical ideas and simple techniques which can be used anytime and anywhere to help bring more success and prosperity into your life.”
Robbie Antle
Disability Claims Specialist
Calgary, Alberta