RainbowmagicOne of the most useful lessons I ever learned in my shaman training was that life is really very simple, and so are the solutions to our problems. What makes it seem so complicated is that we get distracted by all the things there are to see and do and think about, and then we get so stressed by the effort to make everything work out right that we get confused and angry or fearful.

Simplicity can be found in the fact that no matter how busy, complex, and stressful things get, living consists of thinking, feeling and doing. That’s all. And solving problems consists of thinking, feeling and doing things differently. And that’s all, too. When life seems to be too complicated, this is what you can come back to. It isn’t like failing to see the forest for the trees. It’s more like seeing the trees and remembering the soil that they come from.

Here is something to do when life gets difficult:

1. Breathe a few times with awareness of breathing.

2. Change negative thoughts to positive ones by noticing something good. Look clearly, listen well. There’s always something.

3. Change negative emotions to positive ones by remembering something good. It doesn’t matter whether it was this morning or many years ago. Find something to remember.

4. Change negative behavior to positive behavior by doing something good. Give a compliment, rub someone’s back, perform a simple act of kindness. It doesn’t have to be big.

When you do this you will discover that you can think more clearly, feel better, and act more effectively. It works.

The above excerpt is from Serge Kahili King’s Teaching Hut Library at:

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