Transformational Retreats with Kala on Oahu

Custom Private Retreats

Year Round

The fastest way to activate your transformational empowerment is to work with me on Oahu. My husband and I will feed, nurture, and lovingly coax you to Manifestation Mastery breakthroughs in our beautiful home & throughout the island. For Singles & Couples. Personal or Business. Choose a 2 – 6 day retreat.

Custom Island Sessions

Year Round

Connect with the powerful activation energy on Oahu’s sacred sites through personalized shamanic journeys and chants. Recover lost soul fragments and reinstate lost power. Amplify your connection to Source and create transformation in all areas. Choose 2 – 4 hour journeys.

Group Retreats


If you’re Ready to Have the Life of Your Dreams, Be your Best Self and Thrive Abundantly…Come to Hawaii & Reinvent Yourself! Join us in Paradise for a Transformational Activation known as “The Charismatic Woman Awakening.”
A 3 Day Retreat for Female Empowerment at our Sacred Space.

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