ShellssmallerLove is frequently depicted by two hearts pierced with Cupid’s arrow. But must we stand by and wait for the arrows in Cupid’s quiver before finding ourselves in the throes of love?

My emphatic reply is, “No!”

Here’s a different point of view in line with modern-day science – that being smitten is a function of invisible forces.

And what are these invisible forces?They are found within the hidden power of our own biology, which can attract and shape a cherished relationship. There are invisible air-born chemicals known as pheromones that can make us more attractive to the opposite sex.

Then there are love hormones, along with neuro-chemicals, such as dopamine and norepinephrine, that electrify the brain and cause exhilaration. The French call it ‘le coup de foudre,’ the lightening bolt.” (See explanations at the end of the article.)

For over twenty-five years I’ve been teaching people how to tap into their own energy system to create an internal reaction and release “attraction chemicals.”

One technique, practiced for only 10 minutes a day, while standing in the bank line or driving a car, seems to naturally release a person’s pheromones. People see and feel themselves becoming more magnetic to the opposite sex.”

Do the techniques really work?
My emphatic reply is, “Yes!”

Here’s just one example: Joe S., a participant in one of my Magnetic workshops, who soon afterward attracted a mate, said, “It’s a surprise to me – I can hardly believe it. I feel handsome. I feel powerful. I feel attractive. I walk around with a genuine experience of the feelings, not just the hope of having it.”

There’s another key element I’ve discovered in the attraction process…

After several years of training and experience with Energy Medicine, I now have the uncanny knack of quickly helping people uncover the limiting energy patterns that separate them from what they want. One client who was highly successful in the field of finances, was stunned that our single session together revealed more than her seven years in therapy.

I’ve also seen the enormous impact that this inner work has on a client’s external world. A pivotal core belief (energy pattern) could be as simple as “Love hurts”. But if that belief isn’t shifted into something beneficial instead, it will always interfere in that person’s life.

So, if you’re ready for some big positive changes, and you’re longing to be with a Beloved before the next Valentine’s Day comes and goes, then check out Sessions.

No need to wait for Cupid!
~ ~ ~

“On the average, a single person will go on 100 dates before he or she marries,” according to clinical psychologist, Neil Clark Warren. Statistics

[Phooey on that statistic!! The Universe doesn’t organize itself around human statistics!  At one point, while caring for my ill brother and mother, I was out of relationship for several years. Eventually, I decided I did want to attract a beloved life-mate and chose to do inner work on why I was putting off relationship and marriage. Then I opened up space for my desired outcome, surrendered my doubts and fears, and began in earnest to practice the inner attraction process I now teach. Voila – he showed up!

I didn’t go on a single date to meet my current – my first – husband! We were friends for almost 10 months before we decided to date. A few years later we married and we both feel we are truly ‘soul mates.’  Just saying…anything is possible!!

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