Inspirational Books by Dr. Kala H. Kos

The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success

This book outlines in step-by-step detail the secrets used by Spiritual Masters for over 3000 years to bring invisible desires into visible reality. It reveals seven age-old principles combined with four simple tools that affect and enhance the most sought after states of all human beings: Love, Wealth and Health.

Magical Manifesting

When you apply the manifestation principles in this step-by-step proactive guide, you will Strengthen Your Magnetic Core, Align with Your Spirit, Unblock Subconscious Obstacles, Attract Good Fortune, and Raise the Vibration on the Planet.

7 Agreements for a Rich Life

By applying 7 Principles and Agreements, delivered within the journal process of this book, you will actively become more aware, more confident, and more courageous in your endeavors. You are invited to use this powerful guide to create a Total Transformation Makeover of your inner and outer world within forty-nine days.