21 Nov

Create a Life
Of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity!

“Kala teaches a brilliant new paradigm that shifts you out of the old model of striving for success and prosperity, into becoming the magnetic field in which abundance and opportunity occur naturally.”

~ Debbi Lang, CEO, Health & Vitality Center

This system of ancient secrets is so simple, so magnetic, so wonderful that it can start you on an adventure that will make your life majestic and overflowing with good!

Here’s what I mean…

“I am a single Mom and one of my major goals in your course was to travel. My daughter has had pictures on her wall of her dream-spot, Greece, since she was 8 years old (she’s now 19.) While doing the Prescription, I was hired into a new job where I get paid for vacation time – and now my daughter and I are travelling to Greece and Turkey on May 31st. VERY EXCITING! I know my other goals are in process as well, as I continue to use the tools I learned from you. Thanks so much.”

~ Tammy R. Langley, BC

You can use the unique system I teach over and over again and achieve new levels of personal mastery each time. There is no end to the amazing outcomes you’ll create each time.

“I Can’t Wait to See What Other Fabulous Things
I Will Attract. it is Wonderfully Exciting”

“I just wanted to let you know that, since returning from Greece, I bought a townhouse just a few blocks from where I live…. it is wonderfully exciting. Once I come up for air, I would love to do the 60-Day Prescription again to see what other fabulous things I will attract.”

~ Hugs, Tammy

You Can Be Sure It Will Work For You

“Wealth Started Showing Up
and Continues to Flood In.”

“Since I have been doing your program, my life is just exploding with excitement. Everything I visualized is coming to pass. I am just amazed that exactly within the time frame, wealth started showing up…and my income has doubled each year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~ Miriam Lois Serman, Los Angeles, CA

I’ve proven this system works time and time again.

I’ll show you exactly what to do for your situation.

Here’s a typical example:

Peggy wanted a relationship but had been alone for so long, she doubted it could happen.

I encouraged her to practice a simple inner technique, and shortly after, went traveling for a month. When I returned, we saw each other at a gathering and very excited, Peggy said:

“While I was doing that technique I realized that I was so busy I didn’t have space in my life for someone. That made me wonder if I really did want to make space for a man. But once I got clear that I did, I kept doing the technique, and suddenly I was dating different guys. Then my sweetheart showed up!”

Much later, Peggy sent an email to say:

“We Are Engaged to Be Married.”

“Matt and I have such a loving, close relationship and I can’t thank you enough for sharing the tools that brought him to me. Which leads to my big and happy news: we are engaged to be married in September!”

~ Peggy Kemp

Peggy and Matt were married on Kauai


“This is the first time I have ever experienced a formula that actually gives results. At the end of 28 days, my business increased – orders started coming in from everywhere!”~ Ayoma Fonseka, Toronto, Ont
Renowned Cake Designer,


“I was delighted to join Kala for The 60-Day Prescription. At the completion of the two months, I am happy to announce that I have been showered with some amazing good fortune! My long awaited dream for a unique wedding, came together beautifully for the lucky date of 07/07/07. My wonderful husband and I then boarded “The Wellness Adventure” Cruise to Alaska. We had the incredible opportunity to renew our “brand new vows”, thanks to the Captain of the MS Noordam. Upon our return, I was gifted with an unexpected inheritance! What more could I ask for? Thanks so much Kala for your invaluable manifesting program.”

Debbie R, Educator,
Vancouver, Canada

“Before I did your program to attract more love and abundance, I had been out of relationship for seven years. My life has changed dramatically since your course! I am very much in love with my soul mate, who is now my husband, and my daughter adores him.

“When I met Bryan it was as though I had been in a black box sealed tight and squared off with sharp edges. When we came together there was this incredible opening and softening. Even though I sense a feeling of being complete within myself, this huge space keeps expanding, taking me to deeper levels of love every day. Thank you so much for your wonderful teachings.”

~ Cindy Brady, Fitness Trainer

Here’s How These Simple Secrets And Techniques Have Created Abundance and Passion For My Clients!

“I Sold My House for $10,000 More…”

“After doing your program, I sold my house for $10,000 more than I thought I could get for it. I also was able to negotiate with the owners of the present house I purchased, to reduce their price by $34,000.”

~ Mike Murphy, Chiropractor


“I Met the Man Who Soon
Became My Sweetheart.”

“On Valentine’s Day, 2004, I learned your Magnetic Energizing exercises for attracting an ideal mate. This is what I noted down then: ‘I feel like my soul mate now knows I am looking for him. I even had an inner experience of feeling his presence.’

“On May 13, I went to a business networking meeting and met the man who soon became my sweetheart. One day I got out the list of qualities that I had made in your workshop, about what I wanted in a partner. The list described him perfectly! Even my shy cat loves him! Now we are living together.”

~ Teya F., Web Designer


“We Have Had Our First Month
With Over 1,000,000 in Sales…!”

“Since my last testimonial, our company has been growing steadily, and it is with great excitement that I am sharing this news with you. In 21 years, we have had our first month with over 1,000,000 in sales, and we still have a week to go! The huge increase in sales started just after I took your course. Also, I am really enjoying working again like never before.”

~ Bobbie Kalman, Author and Publisher


“My Own Income Has Nearly Doubled!”

“Kala, I wanted to let you know the results of taking your course. I’ve been promoted! In addition to managing the sales staff of a niche newspaper publication I’m also getting to do some innovative transformational work with the sales staff of the daily newspaper. What a delight! But I’ve saved the best for last — my own income has nearly doubled! It’s been a privilege to work with you.”

~ Linda Lusk, Sales & Marketing Manager


“Their Offer Was $15,000.
I Almost Fell Off My Chair!”

“So many wonderful events have happened since I learned your techniques. For brevity, I will tell you about two:

“I saw a part time job advertisement in the paper that looked interesting. I was curious about it so I took my resume and dropped it by the office. They loved my resume and I was hired with what was the easiest interview I have ever experienced.

“Secondly, I needed to settle with an insurance company for an accident. I programmed for a $12,000 settlement and when I went to a meeting with the insurance company, their offer was $15,000. I almost fell off my chair! Life has been great since I took your program! Many thank you’s.”

~ G. Crosby, Entrepreneur


“I Now Own an Apartment on Kauai That Has Tripled in Value in Three Years.”

“Since applying your teachings, my life and my prosperity have opened up. First small amounts of money came in from everywhere: old debts, refunds, insurance. I now have the car of my dreams. It just fell into my lap and the license plate even had my birth date on it! My passion is Hawaii and I visualized a place there. I now own an apartment on Kauai that has tripled in value in three years. Yahoo!”

~ Jan Gibbs, Travel Consultant


“The Perfect Job and Exactly the Amount of Money That I Programmed For…”

“The course was just what got me to the point of being able to get the perfect job and exactly the amount of money that I programmed for during the following 30 days. Thank you, Kala!”

~ Rikke N., Seminar Facilitator


“An Early Inheritance of $10,000…Wow!

“Kala, I’d like to share an amazing success I have had since your course.

“I made a decision to go back to school in the fall to do a one-year program that would cost me $7,000. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for it but decided to have faith and keep using the methods I learned from your course.

“While I was doing the program, a close relative called to tell me he was giving me an “early inheritance” of $10,000. This person had no idea I was planning on returning to school. I was speechless after this phone-call. Wow!!”

~ K.Lund, Nutritional Coach


“It’s a surprise to me – I can hardly believe it. I feel handsome. I feel powerful. I feel attractive.”

~ J. Stadel, Vancouver, B.C