A Manifesting Circle is a monthly virtual gathering where we focus our collective energies for the benefit of people, places and things throughout the world that are in need of assistance.

Manifestation requests range from healings to global peace, to attracting companionship, material possessions, prosperity … whatever is desired. Email requests come from around the world and our energies are sent accordingly. Your requests will be heard as well from wherever you are.

We will be sharing with you stories of amazing occurrences and successful progress, as time permits. Let us put our loving energies together into the shared dreams of all for greater health, happiness and success!

To Request A Manifestation

The Eye of Kanaloa symbol below is connected through intention to our manifestation circle, bringing our dreams together for energetic magnetizing. The symbol itself generates a subtle energy that will help to harmonize the physical, emotional and mental energies of a room or other location.

It represents the Aka Web, or The Web of Life, the symbolic connection of all things to each other, and the star at the center is the spider/shaman, or the individual who is aware of being the weaver of his or her own life, a Dreamweaver*.

To make your Manifesting Request, click here or on the image below and send us a message.


Download the full-size version of the Eye of Kanaloa below. Simply right click on the symbol, then save it to your computer.


EyeKanaloa* © Aloha International 1984 – used with permission.