Attract Your Ideal Mate
Attract Money into Your Life

This animated video meditation will help raise your personal magnetic vibration and guide you in exactly how to bring ROMANCE into your life – or to deepen the love you already experience.

 The magnetizing exercise builds up your inner charge of vital energy while repeating specific statements so that you are more highly empowered to accomplish your intent. Then you focus on your heart as you accept your new love into your life or increase the harmony between yourself and whoever you choose.

You can also use this manifesting process to bring MONEY into your life. This process will make money fall in love with you! As you go through the meditation process, simply think of money as your sweetheart that you are sending love to. Then repeat the phrases of accepting and of love, while feeling deeply that money loves you and wants to be with you.

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"While I was doing that technique for attracting an ideal mate, I realized that I was so busy I didn't have space in my life for someone. That made me wonder if I really did want to make space for a man.
But once I got clear that I did, I kept doing the technique, and suddenly I was dating different guys. Then my sweetheart showed up!"

"We Are Engaged to Be Married."

"Matt and I have such a loving, close relationship and I can't thank you enough for sharing the tools that brought him to me. Which leads to my big and happy news: we are engaged to be married in September!"

– Peggy Kemp

Peggy and Matt were married on Kauai

Me ke aloha pumehana – with warm affection, from Hawaii –

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