Transforming Negative Thinking

26 Aug

2-wolves Whenever we are awake, we are aware…right? Not necessarily. What about the time you misplaced your keys and you ran around frantically trying to find them? Or the time you arrived at an event, but were completely unaware of actually driving there? Or—even more disturbing—snapped at a loved one for no apparent reason? We’ve all done it. Read more

Do You Doubt Yourself?

26 Jul

wishing-aIf you keep on saying things are going to be bad,

you have a good chance of being a prophet.

—Isaac Bashevis Singer

“Negative” thoughts, suggestions or beliefs don’t carry more power than beneficial ones do; no one thought has more power than another. It is simply a matter of surrounding yourself with thought vibrations that are more effective Read more

A Return To Love

26 Jun

Hawaiian stone heartThe ancient Hawaiian masters were very aware of the significance of energy exchange. Knowing that the universe works through a harmonious interaction of giving and receiving, they understood that the sharing of loving energy was a way to come into attunement with divine power. They called on the High Self and aligned with cosmic Intelligence to bring forth their manifestations. But first they would release any guilt, anger, or resentment that might stand in the way of aloha. Read more

The Thoughts You Think Are Magnetic

26 May

mindThe thoughts you think and the feelings that follow them have an electromagnetic reality. The focus of your attention sets up a vibration of energy in your electromagnetic field that attracts experiences related to what you focus on. You may choose to focus your attention on particular ideas, yet subconsciously you may have conflicting thought-reactions to those ideas. This conflict is the root cause of what we often label “self sabotage.” Read more

The PRICE You Pay for Getting “Hooked-In”

26 Mar

Where do you put your attention? And does it lift or lower your vibration?

Yankee bucksHere’s a revealing story and question asked by one of my students:

“This weekend I realized how important environment is, from the people that surround you, to the shows you watch. Yesterday I had a great day running around outside with my two favorite people who are my baby nephews. Later I sat in the park and wrote and worked on our assignments. I left feeling happy and so grateful for an amazing day!”
Read more

How Much of Your Dream Can You Stand?

26 Feb

Girl jumping Everyone has a dream. It may whisper to us in a still, small voice or it may have the volume and intensity of Martin Luthur King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The problem is that not many of us are actually living our dream.

One of the reasons is our comfortable familiarity with the “same-old, same-old” of our daily lives. We unwittingly set an inner limit on what we believe is available for us and the amount of joy we can handle. We actually keep our resistance to our dream in place (lest it bring us too much joy) and nurture our misperceptions about ourselves and our disbelief. Read more

Begin Again in 2018

26 Jan

Did you notice? Many people found 2017 very challenging and were thrilled to welcome in 2018!

The excitement I felt with the New Year had a lot to do with the idea of a “clean slate” in front of me and a new chance to design and witness miracles!

Read more

The Flow of Sexual Energy

31 Dec

beautiful waterfallIn childhood, we learned how to limit the amount of energy we expressed. It takes courage to break through the limits of the past and open ourselves to higher levels of positive energy, but it’s to our advantage.

Sexual energy is a potential source of incredible power. It is the energy that gives us life – our life-force. Taoist Master Mantak Chia teaches that “Sexual energy, or ching-chi in Chinese, is one of the most obvious and powerful types of bioelectric energy.” Read more

The “Stop and Drop” Technique…

17 Nov

…Out of the Mind and into the Moment

goldmandalaThose of you who know my book, The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success, will recognize the helpful technique below, written by a woman I would describe as very beautiful in all ways – Kay Snow Davis. Read more

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