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Here’s What My Client’s Have Been Able to Achieve:
First Date Soul Mate after 29 Years!
I met my soul mate on my first date in 29 years and YOU had a role...
After working through the core issues in my marriage
& separating last Nov...in March I started feeling ready to
have a soul mate. I used your Charismatic process to call him in.
I could feel the power of it immediately.
Met him March 28, the day before my birthday.
Pamela Moss, The Soul Guide
Pamela Moss, The Soul Guide
[Pamela & Mark are now happily married]
I Am So Happy Because the Results were Immediate!
Before working with Kala I kept attracting the same kind of weirdo guys unfulfilling relationships with emotionally unavailable men and addicts just like my father was - and I kept feeling REALLY frustrated that I could get other areas of my life to work (like my business) but, for the life of me, I couldn't get this one to work.

Kala helped me to DISCOVER the exact very deep hidden programs and limiting beliefs that were holding me back from being able to receive healthy men and healthy relationships into my life and she helped me to let go and re-pattern these. As a result I've been attracting better and better men into my life! And I am so happy because the results
were immediate! THANK YOU Kala!!
Vanessa Simpkins, The Bikini Business Coach
[Vanessa & Alex just got married on Kauai]
My Business Increased 400% and I lost 23 lbs
My income doubled in 2 weeks because your
mentoring opened up the space for me to value myself.
As I continued, my business increased by 400%
and I lost 23 pounds! My life has come into a place
of blessing, abundance and expansion because of my
internal work with you, Kala. I am more in touch with
my feelings, thoughts and my true desires.
I am looking forward to using the
Formula again to manifest my Beloved!
Lori Serra, ND, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy
I Married the Love of my Life!
Only 4 months after joining the Charismatic
Woman Salon I met my Beloved! He proposed to me
on my birthday and we married on his!
I feel blessed that we share the same values,
goals and faith. We even do health presentations
together around the world now. I am so grateful,
Kala, for everything you taught that helped me
attract and marry the Love of my Life!
Lori Dubetz, ND, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy
Very Much in Love
Before I did your program to attract more love and abundance,
I had been out of relationship for seven years. My life has changed dramatically since your course! I am very much in love with my soul mate, who is now my husband, and my daughter adores him.
When I met Bryan it was as though I had been in a black box sealed tight and squared off with sharp edges. When we came together there was this incredible opening and softening. Even though I sense a feeling of being complete within myself, this huge space keeps expanding, taking me to deeper levels of love every day. Thank you so much for your wonderful teachings.
Cindy Brady, Fitness Trainer
We Are Engaged to Be Married!
While I was doing your process for attracting an ideal mate,
I realized that I was so busy I didn't have space in my
life for someone. That made me wonder if I really did
want to make space for a man. But once I got clear that I did,
I kept doing the process, and suddenly I was dating different guys.
Then my sweetheart showed up!

Matt and I have such a loving, close relationship and
I can't thank you enough for sharing the tools that
brought him to me. Which leads to my big and happy news:
we are engaged to be married in September!
(Peggy and Matt were married on Kauai)
Peggy Kemp
I Was Beginning to Convince Myself That…
a Soul Mate Would Not Exist For Me.
A while ago, after regularly manifesting the wrong kind of dates,
I was beginning to convince myself that what I truly desired,
a 'soul mate', would not exist for me. I've been out of
relationship for two years and just wanted to let you
know that one month after practicing what I learned from
you, I met my soul mate!

My man showed up just as expected and he even fits just
about every one of the 57 items on my list, and is very close
on the wishful ones (hey, there's always time for him to fly
his own luxurious plane.) To find me, he even had to travel to
my city. It's now been 6 months and we're both eternally
grateful for the magic of the wisdom you teach.
Christina M
I Met the Man Who Soon Became My Sweetheart.
On Valentine's Day, I learned your Magnetic Energizing exercises for attracting an ideal mate. This is what I noted down then: 'I feel like my soul mate now knows I am looking for him. I even had an inner experience of feeling his presence.'

On May 13, I went to a business networking meeting and met the man who soon became my sweetheart. One day I got out the list of qualities that I had made in your program, about what I wanted in a partner. The list described him perfectly! Even my shy cat loves him! Now we are living together.
Teya F, Web Designer

Diana H.

I manifested this 8.12ct solitaire diamond on top of this 4.51ct diamond band in Kala’s group field. Just one of the many miracles! (12.63 ct).

Ines W, Germany

Aloha everyone.

I will share my Friendship Ring from my new ipo (sweetheart.) I am very happy! 😍 😍! HURRAAAAAAA Many Thanks Dear Kala.
I Highly Recommend Kala
Kala steps up and shares her life of miracles in the Charismatic Woman. In so doing, a transmission occurs where we realize that we are all charismatic and can have our hearts desires. I highly recommend anything Kala brings forth.
Joan Porter, Kauai, HI
Kala H. Kos is Amazing in All that She Does and Teaches
Kala H.Kos is amazing in all that she does and teaches.
Her knowledge comes from the heart and all that she has studied and accomplished. KNOW that only a genuine gold hearted mind and soul can do what she does. I know her personally as a friend and first met her through an online Hawaiian course she taught. Connecting with Kala is a gift: there are few people, mentors, or business owners like Kala. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. There are those who once in a blue moon come across your path that shift your life for so much positive happiness. Kala is one of these people.
Les Popovics, Canada
And many, many more…

These results are NOT typical. Everyone on this page is an extraordinary manifester
– they took action, followed through, were very coachable, and got terrific results.
In no way, shape, or form, are we guaranteeing that you can do the same…
but if you want to go for it, we’re here to help!