Hawaiian stone heartThe ancient Hawaiian masters were very aware of the significance of energy exchange. Knowing that the universe works through a harmonious interaction of giving and receiving, they understood that the sharing of loving energy was a way to come into attunement with divine power. They called on the High Self and aligned with cosmic Intelligence to bring forth their manifestations. But first they would release any guilt, anger, or resentment that might stand in the way of aloha.

Releasing was always a crucial first step, for if there was any blockage of energy by these emotions, this would disrupt the outcome. With great reverence they undertook to make a ritual of releasing anyone who they felt had done them any injustice or to whom they had done an injustice. The only sin in the Hawaiian tradition was to harm another person intentionally. Holding a grudge against anyone was so disruptive to the harmony of the family that a person who refused to give up a grudge would be exiled from the family.

Many spiritual teachers understand the powerful effects of love and inner peacefulness in implementing desired outcomes. Kahu Ikaika, a Hawaiian advocate and teacher, guides others through a beautiful “clearing” visualization that is meant to be practiced before beginning any manifestation process. Hawaiian elder, Ed Kaiwi, frequently emphasizes “never to take anything personally,” to become vigilant about “not being offended.”

You may wish to assess any blame, resentment, anger, or guilt that may be blocking the doorway to the good fortune you desire and then commit to releasing it wholeheartedly. This brings us to the final element, forgiveness, both of yourself and of others. I would suggest that you create your own “forgiving and releasing” ceremony, since ritual is very impressive to the subconscious self. We use rituals such as weddings, grand openings, applause, blind dates, birthday parties, and funerals constantly in our lives. Such ceremonies are done to impress the subconscious of the participants or to help focus our attention.

A particular ritual I believe can be highly effective is based on the process of completing a Radical Forgiveness Worksheet, taken from a profound book called Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle, by Colin C. Tipping. Tipping has witnessed many people being cured of incurable diseases and freeing themselves of emotional pain as a result of this process.

Another form of ritual I have found extremely effective is a process that I facilitate by phone, called an Empowerment Session. I’ve experienced clients’ energy fields shift dramatically after releasing personal, and sometimes even ancestral, hatred and unwillingness to forgive. They experience a renewed connection to their source and, as a result, no longer carry the deep tension of spiritual alienation. Invariably their lives open up to a new flow of abundance, and they notice more instances of beauty everywhere around them. They are often able to feel joy in every cell of their bodies for the first time in their lives. As a result, they also experience more love, health and abundance through unexpected channels.

Note: If you would like to schedule an Empowerment session with Kala, please contact her by email.

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